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Cliff. 20yrs. Mixed dreadhead. Cali


anime conventions

SInce my sleep patterns stay out of wack, I’m trying the Biphasic (siesta since segmented has no naps in it) schedule. Read it was better than the common Monophasic 7-9 hours sleep so i’ll give it a shot

The struggle of being Latino and not knowing how to speak spanish fluently.


"To all the women who silently made history"


Kanye West’s album “MBDTF” has been named the number one album of the century.


Happy Mess | Atmosphere

You see me at my lowest moments, you gave me sight when I had broken focus, with a smile that opens up like a rose does even when it all felt so fucking hopeless.

"   All I’ve ever wanted, was you.   "
Six Word Story (via lyricist)


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nobody listen to me after 2am

Words shouldn’t be heard after 2am. They should be felt. 

"   Feel inspired by your own existence.   "
Dae Lee (via raysofthesun)